About us: GO Green Organics is an organic food exporter in Chennai, India. We specialize in Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Finger Millets, Spirulina based food products and Amla Extracts.

Organic food exporter

GO Green Organics was founded by two young entrepreneurs from Chennai. The growth in the demand for Organic food products have increased many times in the past few years. This shows a shift in the mindset of people from consuming readily available imported Organic food products in super markets to products which are domestically grown. The price inflation on Organic food products are mostly due to the control of food supplies by foreign entities.  Instead of we opting for food products like Oats which are mainly used to feed cattle in foreign countries we can consume millet which an Organic food products of India and are far superior in nutrient value.

About Us: Organic food exporter


Natural food Products Exporters

In olden days Every body bought Natural food products, fruits and groceries with out any specific requirement. They just verified the price and quality alone for our Natural food products. Due to environmental and other farming methods, Now a days we have to consider lots of factors. They should be chemical fertilizers free. The Natural food products should be grown in chemical free Land & farms with good water and so on. The percentage of saturated and unsaturated fats are also considered for human consumption.

Health is Wealth : Organic Natural food products

Awareness of Organic Natural food products have grown drastically, people now understood that Health is Wealth more than before. This is the main cause for switching over to Natural organic food products from chemically enhanced grown food plants. The Cost given to the Organic natural food products is very less than giving doctor fees and medicines life long to cure unknown disease come to us through inorganic food.

A variety of agricultural products can be produced organically, including produce, grains, meat, dairy, eggs, and processed food products.

Our products are directly procured from farmers who cultivate their products  through organic farming. We take lot of care in selecting the products which we sell. We do not compromise on our quality as well as our motto of selling products of only organic nature. Supply of genuine Natural organic food products is the goal of Go Organics., Chennai-India.

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